General Questions

Why choose Trinity?

Trinity Air Ambulance is a full service Air Ambulance medical services provider, owned and operated by licensed and practicing medical personnel. When you choose Trinity, your care will be managed from beginning to end by the owners themselves.

Since our first flight in 1999 we have built a reputation of being safe, caring and reliable.

Trinity is not a “Broker” and employs its own staff.

What does an Air Ambulance service do?

Air Ambulance service is for the air transport and repatriation of patients who are injured or become ill while away from home. These services are used to transport patients to specialized treatment centers or back to their homes. Trinity Air Ambulance International provides air medical transport services throughout the world. Every detail of the transfer and care for the patient, from bedside-to-bedside, is arranged for you by Trinity.

What are your hours?

Trinity Air Ambulance International operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not use answering services or telephone menus. Our phones are always answered by Trinity staff members. Feel free to call us at (954) 771-7911 with any questions.

Where can you go?

Trinity Air Ambulance medical team can travel to meet you on all continents and even the country of Cuba!

How do I schedule a transport?

All it takes is one call to (954) 771-7911 and our Medical Coordinators will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

How much notice is required for an air ambulance transport?

Air Ambulance transports can be arranged quickly; within 1 hour our medical team can be airborne.

Can a family member travel with the patient?

Yes, in most cases we can accommodate up to four (4) travel companions and luggage onboard the aircraft, all at no extra cost.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets can travel onboard. Pets must have the appropriate paperwork/veterinary certificates for international flights.

Can you help arrange admission to a hospital?

Yes, Trinity can arrange admissions to various hospitals and care facilities throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Is ground ambulance transportation included in the service?

Yes, all Ground ambulances can be arranged and included in the quote. 

Will insurance pay for the Air Ambulance services?

Yes, in many situations insurance companies will cover the costs involved. This is usually dependant on the medical necessity of the transport. Trinity will work with you and your insurance provider.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

Trinity accepts: bank wires, certified checks, money orders, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa, personal checks, and most insurance coverage.

Choosing An Air Ambulance

There are many factors involved in determining the best Air Ambulance provider to meet your needs. Some factors to consider when choosing a provider are listed below:


  • Are you speaking with a Broker (middle-man)?
  • Who are the brokers subcontracting?
  • Has the broker even seen the aircraft or know the pilots and medical crew’s qualifications? Who has operational control of the aircraft and medical team?
  • Are you speaking directly with licensed Medical professionals that understand your medical needs and concerns?
  • Has the Air Ambulance company had any aircraft or medical accidents, incidents and/or legal issues, in the past or present?
  • Has the Air Ambulance company had any lawsuits due to medical negligence or poor business practices?
  • Is the company licensed and insured in the United States?
  • Is it a foreign company? 
  • Is the medical staff of these foreign Air Ambulance companies legally licensed to practice in the U.S. upon entering the U.S.?
  • Does the Air Ambulance company pay commissions to brokers in foreign hospitals and pass this cost on to you? 


Costs for Air Ambulance services can be enormous and vary from provider to provider. Here are several key questions to ask in determining that you are getting what you pay for:

  • What aircraft are they using?
  • Are they quoting you on a smaller, slower, piston driven aircraft?
  • Are ground ambulance services included in the quote?
  • What is the medical team composed of: MD, RN, Paramedic?
  • Is there an extra cost for a companion(s) to accompany on the flight?
  • Is their quote all inclusive or will there be extra charges for medical equipment, fuel surcharges, landing, handling, and all other fees, etc.?


Another factor to consider is availability. Since time is of the essence, a critical question to ask is, “How soon can the Air Ambulance arrive?”  Brokers waste valuable time in their search for an available aircraft and teams. Will the company you hire arrive on time, as promised?


Ensure the provider you contact will use the most appropriate aircraft for the transport. Some providers utilize aircraft that can travel great distances without re-fueling while others have smaller craft that travel slower and need to stop more frequently to refuel. Time is of the essence in life-threatening situations. Some aircraft may not be pressurized and / or unable to fly above bad weather. This is an important consideration for certain medical conditions.


Finally, it is important to compare all services that will be provided. Some Air Ambulance companies subcontract unknown aircraft and third party medical teams and pilots. Some air ambulance companies only provide the air transport portion while others will provide full air and ground service. When you get your quote, what is included: ground transport, all fees, etc. It is very important to understand who is providing what services and if everything is included.


Ask your travel insurance company how they credential their Air Ambulance providers and how often? What background research have they done?  Do they used Air Ambulance companies with accident and / or incident records? 

Trinity Air Ambulance sets the standards for safe, caring and timely transports.